Thursday, March 10, 2016

Finally Understanding   
 I sat down at my picnic table outside. You could hear planes flying overhead and the rippling water of my stream on the other side my fence. It was very light outside, I had to squint.I picked up my phone and called my Grandmother's cell phone, she didn't pick up. So I called my Grandparents home phone and she finally picked up, and so our interview began.
    My grandmother's name is Barbra Lehrbaum, she is married to Ken Lehrbaum.I think this is interesting because Barbie’s real name is Barbra.We actually call her Grandma Jean.She has grey hair that is always pulled back in a ponytail with a metal clip. She is always wearing big sunglasses, jeans, and and a colored sweater.She has lots of laugh lines, and thin eyebrows like my mother and I. She was born in 1934 in New Jersey, in a small town called Elizabeth. When she was young people called her Skippy.
    The first thing I asked her was what she did for fun when she was young. Mostly she told me about her and her sister playing pretend games where she would live out in the country. She also would play jump rope, hide and seek, and tag. Her parents moved around a lot so she needed to know lots of games. My grandpa and she travels a lot so I asked her if because her parents liked to travel, if that´s why she travels. She responded, ¨You are born with a certain personality that could be completely different then your parents.¨
    So then I asked her how she remembered her only  sister, Lauri, growing up. Well as you know her parents moved around very often, so they moved schools a lot. So they didn't have a lot of time to make friends.Basically Lauri was her best friend, more than sister.So I asked her why she moved around so much. ¨Well, there is a lot of reasons.¨ So I just asked her for one. She said that her father was a cop, and got sick, so he had to retire when he was younger, and that I would have to talk to her later for all of the reasons.
    Now I was going to ask her what her house, and room looked like, but I was worried that she might not remember because she lived at so many  houses. But I did anyways. To my surprise she remembered a specific house well. She lived in an apartment building with two bedrooms. In her room there was a big window. They would open the window and this squirrel would come in, and they fed it nuts. ¨It´s name was Chichi and it would take the nuts and probably go hide it.¨The house had a porch where they would play.¨I always wanted to live in the country.¨
    I asked her what she had wanted to be when she grew up, when she was a girl. She told me she wanted to be a jockey,¨But girls couldn't be that so it was kind of a pipe dream.¨ I asked her if she did anything to change that and she told me no, which made me kind of sad. She did go to college, and got a degree in art. She would trade her art for many things when she moved to Vermont. “Ya, you can’t trade things here like you could in vermont.”
    “Why did you marry Grandpa?”I asked “Well we loved each other what’s more to say?” So I didn'tsay anything more of that. Lastly I asked her for what was her best advice that got her through life. “ Keep a sense of humor.” Things are sometimes hard but if you laugh at yourself, then things will be easier. Just keep things light.
    “Well I’ve run out of questions.” I told her. “Oh, well how’s dance?” I told her about the ballet coming up that I was in, and how I thought my group had really pretty coutumes. I told her about how pe was doing gymnastics, she told me she would've loved that if it was available for her.
    “Carissa! Who are you talking to?!” It was my dad. “Grandma.” I called back. “Really, like grandma Jean?” (He thought I was talking to my friends.)
“Well it’s dinner time.”
So I told my grandma that I had to go eat dinner, and that I enjoyed my chat, and I loved her.I realized I wasn’t squinting anymore.I hadn’t even noticed it had gotten dark.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Carissa Carlberg

Arabella’s eyes opened slowly. She blocked  them from tiny streams of the sunrise light going through the flimsy  crook  walls. The crook she calls home. Around her was her Mum, Pop, and her devilish younger brother Henry, or Hen, also her two cows and three sheep. Swiftly, she clambered out of bed and threw on her bland, rustic dress, and stained white apron. She put her hair in a boring, tight braid, grabbed her basket, and headed off  to get errands done.

Arabella figured it was around five o'clock, the time where her entire village started to wake up.She walked past the blacksmith, warming  up his fire, and baker, counting the ounces of flour that Arabella was sure he stole. She also passed the village boys taunting and teasing an ugly girl,a girl who probably went from village to village, who Arabella never saw again. Then finally she wound up at the miller’s cottage. Her knuckles rapped the door, Johnny Miller opened it, and she stepped inside.

The inside of Johnny miller's cottage wasn’t too big. Neither was Johnny Miller. She supposed that he was about twenty or so, six years older than herself. He had dark hair and dark eyes, she realized she was staring at him and promptly turned her head.She haggled with him for a bit, trying to get three ounces of flour for two of the blankets her mother,(Mrs. Webb) had weaved just four days before. But she settled on two ounces of flour for one blanket. “Goodbye Miss Webbdaughter!” Johnny called after her as she left for home, she turned and gave him a big grin.

She walked home, alone with her thoughts. She didn't stop anywhere, for anything, or anyone. Arabella was a simple girl, almost a boring girl. She got up everyday at sunrise,did chores, went to Church that was only a twenty minute walk from her home, ate , and slept. She thought about the fact that her last name was Webbdaughter, when she grew older it would be Webb, or another simple name to whom she wed, but never anything else. But she was fine with that, because it was silly to ponder over such nonsense.

By the time she got home Arabella's father should've been working in the fields, her mother starting some sort of new weave, and brother, torturing some poor defenseless cat. But instead they were all in front of her house listening to a lord from the castle; To Mr. Webb, and his family, The church land has been extended another mile and a half, your cottage is within these boundaries.So as you may know, you now work for free, you must give all of your blankets, clothing…” Arabella wasn’t listening anymore. “Do everything for free?!” She panicked. For you see   no one has ever just moved. That was considered being ungrateful to God, and putting yourself on a train to hell.

As soon as the Lord left, her mother broke down into tears, “There has got to be a way without going to hell!” She cried.But the day must go on so Arabella thought long and hard threw her chores.She milk the cows, feed the sheep, and collect berries. Midday, while she was collecting the chickens eggs, she came up with an idea. Quickly she ran home, leaving the chicken eggs behind. Arabella burst through the door. “I have an idea!”

“Well?” Her father insisted. “Um,” Arabella started  “I am fourteen.” “What is it?” Her mother begged…”I could marry Johnny miller in exchange for land. She had said it, that was her idea and she said it.But to be perfectly honest she didn't really care if she married him or not. “ No! Yes! No! Yes!” Her parents debated. But they knew that that was the only way to escape the situation without going to hell, so they finally agreed.

Quite hastily her mother weaved a vale, and picked out a pre- woven dress, meant for a girl at the manor, but instead was going to Arabella. The girl at the manor was a bit bigger than her,because she had more to eat. So they had to take it in. Meanwhile her father was taking her to Johnny's father, offering Arabella’s hand in marriage for land, help building a house on the land, and another cow.But instead they settled on land, help, one pig, and two ducks.

Hen’s job was to tell everyone in the village to come to the wedding, and bring gifts. Of course everyone agreed. The people at the Manor said they would come and bring some workers with them,even the lord that came earlier was coming. They all heard about the fact that they were rebelling against  the church.Although Arabella would agree to disagree. So sure enough the wedding wasn’t held in the church. It was held near the woods, but the Priest still came.

The whole village also helped put up their new home.They pasted together wood to make the walls, and they thatched the roofs and lined the floor with straw. Occasionally they stopped for ail.They even made a wooden fence around it for there new animals.There were so many people that it only took two hours. So the wedding ceremony was held in the late afternoon.When the Manor’s daughter saw her she promptly said “Are you wearing my dress!”But quickly calmed down. After they did their vows Johnny asked “So your name is Arabella Miller now.” “No!” almost every person attending exclaimed. “It should be wedding! No reble! No deceiver of god!” “No!” Hen proclaimed. “It should be Wedreble!”


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Monday, October 19, 2015

Dally's death, as sad?

              I think that Dally's death is infact sadder than Johnny's death. I think this because when Johnny dies, he dies a hero, he had redeemed himself.When dally dies, It was because Johnny died and he didn't know what to do because the only thing he ever loved, died. So Johnny died a hero, gallant, happier than he ever was. Dally died grieving, gallant, but in a way that showed Jhonny kept him alive.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Whats with the gold?

"Stay gold "- Johnny

In the book "The Outsiders" Johnny, said that quote to Poney. I think he meant that Poney is a good kid, or "gold". He does nice things for the world, and to not change. For example, he's in a nicer school then most greasers. He's kind,caring, and wants more than to be a greaser.By saying "stay gold" I think Johnny means to keep being him, to not turn into a real greaser, to stay kind, intelligent, and want to leave and go to better places.